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Lost a loved one? Trying to deal with the items of the estate, sale of the home, decluttering and finding the valuable assets to sell. It's all so OVERWHELMING at the best of times, not to mention this grieving period. Often making decisions at this time is the worse thing to have to do. We can help you take care of all the things you don't want to or can't bear to do. At the very least, we can work with you side by side.

We are people who care about people. Who understand the difficulties of downsizing, organizing and dispersing of decades of collected "stuff". We can work out the details in getting those things either sold, given to charity, or passed on to family members who want them. After the items are all cleared out of the home, we go to work on making it the best looking it can be to bring in top dollar on the market. Our prices are very competative at $45.00/hour

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